Welcome to Foto Mario - With you since 1958

Foto Mario in Lucca is the reference point for all the most demanding and passionate about photograpy.

Staff performs on request :

- photograpic services 
- development and printing service ( analog and digital )
- small copy services
- dubbing of old films into new media
- gadgets customization service
- sale of frames and albums

We offer customized quotes for each type of service requested

We perform still life photos for products in a catalog, to create personalized postcards or simply for a particular memory.

Foto Mario uses only professional machines and supports.

Prints are made on a wide range of papers: photographic, on canvas (type: fineart), on super light cardboard, on wooden panels, and in all required formats in addition to the standard ones.

We are at your disposal for any need, come and visit us or contact us:
Tel: 0583 491917
Whatsapp: 328 6784680

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